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20th大葉大學視覺傳達設計系畢業製作《SEE YOU》宣傳影片

Together ,we pilot a aircraft, we learn ,we grow.The higher we soar,the stronger we are.  We exit this aircraft, and go on our journey. Finally, "See You" we say to each other, and leap. In this moment, endless views appear. We land in various locations with our dreams to seek.

20th畢業製作《SIMON BAMK記憶銀行》

The story was under Simon Bank which had devices that could deal with people’s memory. Since Potter was left behind by Yoko, Potter had been doing nothing but staying at home. One day, Potter’s grandma saw an advertising about benefits of deleting memory, so she took Potter to Simon Bank . At the same time, Yoko was in the bank with her new boyfriend, Carter. Sawing her, Potter knew that he wants nothing but her. He took Carter’s memory and reset memory himself. Potter thought Simon Bank help him to fall in love with Yoko again.

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偶動畫-Pete's Hat鼻特的帽子

Pete lost himself , he kept looking for being the same with others. On his journey, he found everyone wear beautiful hats. He tried to wear them to look the same as people,however he just failed on being others. More hats hew worn , more fear he felt. Suddenly, he fallen and all hats spread throgh the ground. Finally he found there is no reason to be another person...



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something in summer

What thing happens in summer ? A Sunlight ice cream
everything happens in summer because there is no reason no happen in summer

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During Vison Desigh Intern, I have done a Lazy knowledge kit. The topic is how improtant touch point is when we talk about brand building.